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A FunkY organiser by 3coM

Well I guess I should put a load of stuff here about the palm plot (as I call it but many ppl call it other things) its quite good you Know coz: -
So you see it's really cool...

But it does have some problems.
If any one from 3com is listening, it would be cool if your could get it to play mp3's form the net, then we could set up R.A.S. with a home computer and play/do any thing we like, joy

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Here is some of the software I have on my palm plot


My comment

Something from there files

Planetarium This is a cool program I love, it I tells your loads of stuff about the planets like where they are, and it shows your where all the stars are to, and it gives you the names of the constellations , it's truly is amazing
  • Local Mean Sidereal Time
  • Julian Date
  • Moon Phase
  • ecliptic longitude and latitude of Sun, Moon and the planets
  • right ascension and declination of Sun, Moon and the planets
  • distance of Sun, Moon and the planets
  • Azimuth and altitude of Sun, Moon and the planets
  • Rise, transit and set time of Sun, Moon and the planets
  • Twilight times
  • The position of 1600 of the brightest stars as seen at that location and time.
ThumbScan Well its just what it sounds like a thumb scanner CooL or what ;-) the best security program you can get for your palm plot

It's By headRUSH

The TR580p Tricorder JOy again its what it says it is, it bleeps n stuff just liKe the ones in treck, what else could you want.
  • Currently, the TR580p completely interfaces only with computers utilising duotronic enhances. A "bare-bones" connectivity solution for isolinear systems (the "Quark Pak") is available separately with a suggested retail price of two strips of gold-pressed latinum. The fact that the TR580p itself was developed with an isolinear computer is an irony not lost on the designers.
  • In accordance with Starfleet Regulation 46A, this device may not be used to transmit uncoded messages on an open channel if transmissions are being monitored during battle.
The Principia Discordia.
Ha-Ha, Only Serious.
Well what can I say this is the BooK of wisdom for your palm plot, joy joy joy, it don't get much better then this. These books were made using the TealDoc reader extensions. We STRONGLY recommend that you use this reader to view these books, since that's the only way you're going to see the pretty pictures or use the hypertext links.
TealPoint Well this isn't just One program it's loads of emm, there pretty good, and they let you read the princpla discorda so I use emm, plus you can get loads of stuff for tealinfo so that's good too  

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