This Is A Page Of Lies

This is a page of total lies Don't believe a single word.

These lies were found in various places, many have been around for a long time, some were created by THEM (The ones that like to think there in control), and some I made up my self. I think their purpose is just to keep us sane. They are lovingly tendered by the GODES "ERIS" and/or some of here many followers. To those of you out there who lie for the grater goodness, I have but one thing to say FNORD. (Oh no that's more then one thing.)
Days 'til the 23 EnigmA

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below are some words
Abolish Death Committee of Berkeley Abrahms Judith Abramelin spirits Acceleration Law of Acid See LSD; see also Drugs ACLU Adams Henry AdamskiGeorge Africa See also Egyptian mysteries and mythologies; Dogon tribe; Bozo tribe Agape Aging Airport (movie) Aiwass Al Fatah Albigensians Alchemists Medieval Modern Alcohol and alcoholism Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God (Grant) Allah Allegro John Allen Woody Alpert Richard Alpha state i Amanita muscaria Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction AncientAstronauts aournal) Angelic" language Angels AnkhfnaKhonsu Anthropology AntiIlluminati propaganda See Illuminati antillluminati propaganda AntiMasonic Party Anubis Aphrodisiacs Aphrodite Archetypes Argentum Astrum ArgyleSmith Philip Campbell Aristotelian logic Armstrong Neil Artaud Antonin Aryan Brotherhood Asimov Isaac Asthma Astral projection Astrology Astronauts Seealso names of specific astronauts Astronomy prehistoric knowledge of Atlant Auras Aurobindo Sri Bn=Bo+Pn+MS Babylonian mysteries and mythology Backster Cleve Backster effect Baker Douglas Barnard's Star Barritt Brian Baum L Frank See also Wizard of Oz Bavarian Illuminati See Illuminati Bavarian BaYArea Cryonics Society Bay Area Research Collective Bean Alan L Beatles Becquerel Henri Beelzebub 's Tales to his Crand son (Gurdjieff) Behaviorists Bell's Theorem Benares CamdenBending metal See Telekinesis Benner L Wayne Bennett Alan Bennett Frank Bennett JG BergierJacques Berkeley George Berkeley Barb (newspaper) Berlitz Charles Bermuda Triangle BHT Bigfoot Biofeedback Birch John Sodety See John BirchSociety Birchers See John Birch Society Bird of prey see Hawk; Eagle Bjorksten John Black holes Black Mass Black Muslims Black Panther Party Black Rite Blake William Blavatsky Helena Petrovna Blessed Virgin Mary Bohr Niels Bonewitz Isaac Book of Changes See I Ching Book of Lies (Crowley) Book of the A ntiChrist (Parsons) Book of the Damned (Fort) Book of the Dead (Tibetan) Book of the Law (Crowley) Bootstrap theory Bosch Hieronymus Boulak Museum (Egypt) Bozo (tribe) Brahma Brain See Circuits Brand Stewart Brigit Saint British Interplanetary Society Broadbent Bill Brotherhood of Eternal Love Brothers and Sisters of the Free Spirit Bruno Giordano Brussel Mae Buck Rogers Buckley William F Jr Buddha Buddhists and Buddhism Seealso Zen Burbank Luther Burroughs William S BVM See Blessed Virgin Mary Cabala Cabalistic Dictionary (Crowley) Cabals Cagliostro Allessandro Cal Tech California Medical Facility See Leary Timothy and imprisonment Campbell Ken Cancer research Cannabis See Marijuana Cantelon Willard Cape Kennedy Capital punishment Capra Fritjof Carpenter Scott Carver George Washington Castaneda Carlos Castro Fidel Cattle mutilation and sacrifice Cell regeneration Celts Center of the Cyclone (Lilly) CETI (Lawrence and Stonely) CETI (Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Conference Challenge of Chance (Koestler) Chapel Perilous Chapman Allan Charlemagne Charly (movie) Chassidic Druids of North America Chauvmism electromagnetic human male species typeG star oxygen Death Deathrebirth ritual DeeiJohn DermisProbe (Shah) Diary of a Dope Fiend (Crowley) Dieterlen Germaine Dirac PAM Discordian Society Discordianism w mystic sign DMT DNA Dog Star See Sirius Dogon tribe (Africa) Dollarbill Don Juan Doorsof Perception (Huxley) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Drugs {see also names of specific drugs) i life extension See also Immortality pill Druids Eagle symbolism See also Hawk symbolism Earth People's Park Eckhart Ecology Eddington Arthur Edge of Reality (Hynek and Vallee) Edison Thomas Ego Egyptian calendar Egyptian mysteries and mythologies See also names of Egyptian godsand goddesses Einstein Albert and ERP Einsteinian theory Electroencephalograms Eleusianian Mysteries el Hallaj Mansur Energy negativeS positivet Enochian angels Equinox aournal) Eris ERP demonstration (EinsteinRosen Podolsky) Esalen Esfandiary FM ESP interstellar See also Telepathy Eternal Man (Pauwels and Bergier) Ettinger RCW Euclidean geometry is Exopsychology Extended Youth (Prehoda) Extraterrestrial contacts See UFO contacts and contactees Extraterrestrial migration Extraterrestrial visitors i Seealso UFOnauts Eye in pyramid symbol See Eye in triangle symbol Eye in the tiangle (Regardie) Eye in triangle symbol Eye of Horus symbol See also Horus FAB Fables Sufi Zen Babylonian Jewish i German Egyptian Fact Fairies Fang the Unwashed Fatima Hashish Hawk symbolism See also Horus; Geller Uri Hearst Patty Heartchakra exercises Heckethorn Hefner Hugh Heinlein Robert Heisenberg Werner Herbert Nick Hermetic Brotherhood of Light Heroin Hesse Herman Hidalgo Father Miguel High IQ bulletin journal) S High Priest (Leary) Higher intelligence extraterrestrial and/or interstellar Hiler Wesley Hill Gregory Hilliard David Hindusand Hinduism Historyof SeeretSocieties (Daraul) Ho Chih Zen Hoffman Abbie Hofmann Albert Hologram Hoover J Edgar Horowitz Mike io HOCUS See also Hawk symbolism; Eye of Horus "How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her After I Found Her" Now the West Was Lost (Hill) Hoyle Fred Hubbard L Ron Hume David Humphrey Hubert Huxley Aldous Huxley Laura Archera Hynek l Allen l l Hypnosis iso selfhypnosis See Higher intelligence I Ching Ichazo Oscar Ideatransference See ESP; Telepathy Illuminati i antillluminati propaganda Bavarian symbol (eye in tAangle) Illumination Illuminates (Wilson and Shea) illuminoids The (Wilgus) Immortalist journal) Immortalist (Harrington) Immortalists Immortality Immortality Eactor (Segerberg) Immortality pill Imprinting Institute for the Study of Consciousness International Psychoanalytic Sodety Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (Leary) Interstellar communication biological signals radio signals See also UFOs Invisible College (Vallee) Invisible Landscape (McKenna) Is There Life on Earth? (Bennett) Ishmaelian sect Ishtar Isis Jackson Donald Japanese people JDL See Jewish Defense League Jefferson Thomas Jehovah Club (PEN) Pentagon Perception See also Reality Periodic Table of Evolution Peyote Peyote Cult (LaBarre) Peyote Woman Phi Beta Kappa Philosophy of Physical Science (Eddington) Phoenix as bird as constellation as name as newspaper Physics Physics Consdousness Research Group Pike Albert Pisan Cantos (Pound) Plato Playboy Journal) Podolsky Boris See ERP Poets Essayists and Novelists Club (PEN) Poltergeist disturbances Pookah Pooler Margaret Pope Paul Vl Popkin Potentia Pound Ezra Prehoda Robert Principia Discordia (HiU) PROBE Proclus Programmed death Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer (Lilly) Project Cyclops Projection Prometheus Society Propinquities See Coincidences Synchronicity Prospects of Immortality (Ettinger) Prosthetics Proteins antihistone Protonelectron mass ratio Psilocybin Psychedelics Seealso namesof specific drugs Psychic Journal) Psychokinesis "The Psychology of Hashish" (Crowley) Psychopharmacology Puharich Andrija PURSE PUTZ Pyramid Great of Cheops See Great Pyramid of Cheops Pythagoras Quantum Inseparability Principle Quantum mechanics See also ERP; Physics Quantum models Rabelais Francois RaHoorKhuit Seealso Horus Rameses (rock group) Randolph PB Rasputin RCA Real Magiek (Bonewitz) Realist The Journal) i Reality Seealso Perception Recidivism Reformed Druids of North America Regardie Israel Reich Wilhelm Reichenbach Baron Reimprinting See Imprinting Reincarnation Relativity special Reprogramming See Metaprograms and Metaprogramming Resuscitation (of dead) Revelations (Bible) Reynolds Mike Rh blood factor Rinehart Keith Milton Ring Kenneth